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We are focused on bringing clean energy to the State of Tennessee and value the client experience above all else. Green Wave Solar was founded by Landon Cason in 2017. He started out selling EV charging stations and quickly evolved into a solar installation company. He founded the company in Manchester and now services the entire state. Working alongside Cason is two of his best friends from college, his mother, and multiple others who he has hand selected to provide solar energy to all of Tennessee! Green Wave isn’t like the rest, the main goal of this company is to not only provide solar energy to their customers, but also be 100% transparent during the process. By choosing this team as your solar energy providers you are guaranteed a successful solar panel installation.


Residential Solar Power Systems

Save on your Power Bills when you use solar panels and battery storage which can potentially save you as much as $150 per month on your bills.

85% More Savings

Our design systems and service is optimized to save you as much energy bills as possible.


  • If every rooftop in the world had solar installed, we would produce daily more energy than the entire world’s energy demand!
  • Since 2019, there have been over 2 million solar energy systems installed in the United States alone.
  • Solar energy has created over 250,000 jobs in the United States. Out of these jobs 25% are filled by minorities, 25% are filled by women, and 10% are filled by veterans.
  • Installing solar panels on your home can reduce your family’s carbon footprint by 100 tons!

Commercial Spaces

We also cater to commercial spaces and industrial applications of this technology.

Savings in your Utilities

Average 25-year savings:


Average payback period:


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Our consultations are free and we usually respond promptly. We also appreciate the feedback.

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Once we agreed on the scope of the project. We will start the process according to your needs.

Save Money

Solar Cell technology helps homeowners reduce their power bills by supplying supplementary energy from a renewable energy source.


We work hard to provide everyone the most accurate quotes the first time. There are a few pieces of information we need to ensure this accuracy. We have outlined these in the checklist below.

  • Location available for System Components
  • Curent Utility Provider
  • 12 Months of Current Utlility Energy Usage
  • HOA Guidelines
  • Age of Roof
  • Your Reason for Going Solar!

What the proposal will contain: The proposal will have a breakdown of materials to be used for your unique solar installation as well as a cost breakdown, payment options, and how the tax credit could affect your payment.

Projects we’ve done so far.

  • Residential
  • Commercial

These are what our customers say

Our company culture is founded on the principles that make sure that our customers is and always be our main priority in each projects.

Madison S.

“Owning my power while also having a backup battery for storage when the grid goes down adds a sense of security that we didn’t have until going solar.”


“Promptly came out and serviced our solar panels! Tech was friendly, and knowledgeable, and provided troubleshooting suggestions for the future”.